Facebook launches dedicated Gaming application with Live Stream Support

After Google, on the off chance that we see Facebook has most users, and in the event that we see now, nearly everybody is remaining at home due to COVID-19. So in this circumstance, Facebook has propelled its new gaming application. Due to COVID-19, everybody is attempting to accomplish something that can keep everybody to remain at home. So Facebook has propelled its new application where individuals can mess around, Organize virtual competitions, Live streams and considerably more.

The best thing about this application is that there will be no advertisements. So you won’t get any irritating promotions while playing. At present, the application is accessible for Android gadgets soon you will ready to see it on ios moreover. In the event that you are contemplating why Facebook is understanding this application, at that point here is the appropriate response that Facebook needs to take a higher stake in live gushing too. On the off chance that you see the history that Youtube additionally has propelled one gaming application, yet because of certain issues, they need to close it down. So there is no assurance that Facebook’s application will work or not.


The organization has been trying forms of the application in Latin America and Southeast Asia for as far back as year and a half. You can utilize the stage to play some easygoing games with your companions. Talk usefulness is additionally worked in the application. In the principal quarter of 2020, Facebook’s down spilling stage got just about 554 million hours of survey time, contrasted with 1.1 billion for YouTube and 3.1 billion for Twitch, as per the most recent information from live-gushing programming administration Streamlabs.

So, what do you guys think about the Facebook Gaming platform? Do you think that it can hit on Twitch and YouTube Gaming? Can you see yourself using Facebook gaming over other titles? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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