9 Features You’ll Be Excited About iOS9

9 Features You’ll Be Excited About iOS9

At the WWDC Keynote, Apple has unveiled a lot of software features and enhancements for Apple Watch, Mac, and the first time we hear about the Apple Music service.

The star of the show is the next version of iOS – iOS9.  The new update has some features that we’re all familiar with and will bring a whole new experience to your apple tablet or phone.


Can’t wait for the update? Here are 9 features you”ll be excited about iOS9.

Side By Side Multitasking

This feature lets you view and run apps side by side. It lets you run two apps at once so you can multitask. You might be familiar with this feature as Windows already has it in Windows 8.

Apple also puts in a floating video player that allows you to watch videos while using another app. Sounds familiar? That’s because this has been on Samsung tablets and phones for quite some time now.

Search and Siri Improvements

iOs adds proactive assistant. This is a search feature that looks and works similarly to Google Now. What it does is it shows cards with various pieces of information. It shows categories for nearby places, Siri suggestions, and news.

iOS9 has added special search results for certain queries like movies, sports, conversions, etc., which gives users answer to the question rather than presenting a series of links. This is very similar to Google Now’s Knowledge Graph that started in 2012.

Search will have predictive actions. What it means by this is when you have an anonymous call, it will try to predict and give you an educated guess to who might be calling.

Apple has also updated Siri where it can do a lot of possibilities. You can now ask Siri to remind you about something in a contextual manner (eg. “Remind me to pick up my dog when I reach this place.”). The “this” part will be interpreted depending on the user’s location.

Apple Maps Gets Transit

Apple Maps has added a transit feature. With this feature, you can get transit directions from where you are. This new feature of Apple maps is only limited to 18 cities in total with 6 in Us and most in China.

Google Maps has had this feature for years and it supports more than 800 cities worldwide. Google Maps also give directions and estimates for cyclists and drivers. Apple also added Nearby Places features that show nearby restaurants and business establishments with features with ratings. Unlike other maps that tries to copy Yelp, Apple Maps has a part of Yelp in it.

However, what sets Apple Maps apart is the subway portion. With Apple Maps, you can have subway information in your area, the entrance, the exits, and the indoor corridors.


Another major new feature of iOS9 is Proactive. Proactive is a system-wide feature that learns from your habits and gives recommendations to you based on the place, time of the day, and activity. Proactive works a lot like Google Now.

For example, you are at home going to work at 2pm. Proactive will remind you beforehand and notify you of the best time to leave and the best way to get to work based on the current traffic conditions.

If you like to use an app upon waking up, Proactive will automatically give you suggestions based on how often you used the app.

New Keyboard

iOS9 will be having a new keyboard and along with it are the slew of features that you’ll learn to love. First up is you can now see whether you’ve typed in uppercase or lowercase.

Next is the QuickType feature. This new feature will allow you to use the keyboard as a trackpad by placing 2 fingers on it and moving them around. Sadly, this feature works for iPads only.


The Newsstand app has been replaced with News. This new app is similar to Flipboard but more iOS-like. With this News app, you can create your a custom magazine tailored for your interests.

Apple Pay and Wallet

Apple Pay will be available in the UK in July, this will come before iOS9 ships in. Apple Pay in iOS9 will get loyalty card support, more retailers, and the passbook app is renamed to Wallet.

Performance and Tweaks

One of the biggest things we are excited about is the performance and battery life improvements. Just when you thought Apple 6 plus has a great battery life, wait till you upgrade to iOS9.

The latest development promises to bring even bigger improvements in battery life. iOS9 will feature a low power mode that acts very differently to Samsung’s low power mode. iOS9 will have low power mode enabled and runs on the background without you noticing it. 

It’s going to conserve power by adjusting your network connectivity, reduce the number of background apps, downloads are disabled, motion, brightness and even network is reduced. You might not get emails automatically unless you fetch it yourself. Apple claims that you’ll get 1 hour more juice to your phone.

While iOS8 will force you to get rid of apps, movies and photos just to get the upgrade, iOS9 won’t let you do that. Apple is shrinking the size of the updates with iOS9 requiring only 1.3GB of space to download and install.

Minor Improvements

The Notes app works similarly to Evernote. Aside from jotting down notes, you can insert images, links, and even doodle to it. It also allows you to make rich texts notes complete with smart links. Another feature added is the Android Migration Assistant. This makes it easy for users to migrate to iPhone if they come from Android.


While the previous versions where limited to some phones and tablets, iOS9 will be available on all devices. So whether an iPhone 4s, iPad Mini, or iPod touch 5th gen, you’ll get the same iOS version that the latest iPhone models are getting.

The catch is that older models will have limited features probably since most new features are focused on high end hardware that older models don’t have.

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